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The 2018 code cycle is now well underway. ITA has once again introduced new topics that only ITA will be providing. Topics that are important and useful to you.

1.) Generators - Residential, Commercial and Industrial. Now 8 hours, includes working examples of actual generator sizing and installation examples.

2.) Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment. Branch circuit, feeder and protection calculations for air-conditioning, and refrigeration loads, as per NEC Art. 440.

3.) Motors and Motor Control Workshop - Motors, motor controls, branch circuit calculations for single motor circuits, and feeder and branch circuit calculations for multiple motor circuits.

4.) Wireless Power Control Networks- Z-Wave, ZigBee and all the new smart phone compatible technologies your tech savy customers want for lighting control, shade control and audio control, with actual installation and programming examples

5.) Class 1, 2 and 3 Wiring- Class 1,2 and 3 circuits for low voltage, communication circuits and signaling circiuits.

6.) Microgrid Technology. The latest trend in the electrical industry, now being deployed in several states, including California. A hot topic in the new 2017 NEC.

7.) The DC Connected Home. Most of your electrical devices now operate from DC. Soon it is expected that your entire home may be DC powered! Get a jump on this technology now!

Soon our competition will try to offer the same topics - They always do.

They will fail in their attempts to imitate ITA - They always do!

Only ITA will offer the depth and quality in our topics. We always do!

I have personally updated all of our current course offerings to be consistent with what's going on out in the field.

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I look forward to seeing you all again! ....... -Ed



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